The Buccaneers are the best team in football: Bucs owner

With their best-ever winning percentage and their best record in the NFL, the Buccaneers are considered the best in the league.

And with the franchise moving to the NFL from their parent company, the Tampa Bay Times reports that they are also the best NFL team in the state.

The Bucs have the highest winning percentage in the country, which is the third-best mark behind the Patriots and the Saints.

Tampa has the second-best win total in the nation, behind only the Patriots.

The Buccaneers have been to the playoffs in each of the last three years, but they have not won a Super Bowl since 2002.

The team also has won one Super Bowl but is the only team in NFL history to have played in two of them, having lost in 2004 and 2008.

They will play in their first playoff game on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers, who are in their second year of the new CBA, which also ends the season in January.

The Panthers are currently ranked fifth in the NFC and are currently in the top five of the NFC North.

The game will air on

The article has been updated with additional details from the Times article.

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