Why does everyone want the next Zelda game?

In 2017, we’ve been bombarded with many Zelda titles.

One of the most popular is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The game is based on the Zelda series, but with many more enemies, bosses, dungeons and quests than those in the previous two games.

But one thing you won’t see on the box is a sequel.

That’s because Zelda: The Wind Waker is now a standalone title, so it’s not even a sequel to The WindWaker.

But it’s the next best thing.

The Windwaker is a story-driven adventure game set in a fantasy land, and is a huge hit.

It’s also a huge success, and it’s now one of the best-selling games on the Nintendo Switch.

We caught up with Zelda game director Takashi Tezuka and Nintendo’s director of general development Shuhei Yoshida to talk about why The Wind waker is one of their biggest sellers on the Switch, why the Zelda franchise is so popular, and the future of the franchise.

Let’s talk about The Wind on the GamePad.

Takashi Teasahuka: First off, congratulations on making the Switch a success.

The Zelda series is one I love.

It has such a deep history and it really has been something I’m very proud to be part of.

The fact that people love it so much and the fact that it has a big audience around the world, it makes me really happy.

So, I want to give you my personal message to the people of the Switch and to Nintendo fans everywhere.

I’m very happy to see the popularity of The Wind in so many different ways.

People are playing it all the time.

They’re playing it on consoles and mobile devices, and even on handheld devices.

There’s been a lot of interest from our fans.

There are a lot more people playing Zelda games now on the consoles.

But, as you know, we don’t have any announcements for the Switch yet.

I know you’re waiting patiently.

But I’m happy to announce that we’re releasing the game on the Wii U Virtual Console, so that you can enjoy The Wind as you want.

The Switch is a very powerful platform.

It offers a wide range of games.

We’re very proud of the fact we can put The Wind up on this console.

We’ve done a lot to make the Switch more powerful, and now that the Switch has been out for a while, we have more games to show for it.

So this is a great platform.

I hope that it will continue to grow and become even more powerful as we expand the platform.

We are also proud of The Legend in Breath of a Wild, as well.

We have a lot new titles for The Wind.

We want to show a new side of The Princess and the Frog.

The princess is the one who is going to get the treasure, so she’s going to go off on her own.

But the other princess, Princess Zelda, has been living with the king.

The castle is her domain.

So she has to protect her castle, and she has her sword, her magic wand, her hat.

So the adventure has to be very different.

It must be about more than just a sword and magic wand.

We also have a new hero, so now you’ll have to use the power of the Wind in order to solve the puzzles and defeat the enemies.

So you’ll be able to take on many different challenges.

We think The Wind will be an exciting new direction for the Zelda games.

The Wind is also one of Nintendo’s biggest sellers in Japan.

The company has over 1.4 million Switch units, and this is the fastest selling Switch game in Japan since its launch in June.

It sells for 4,999 yen (about US$45) on the eShop, or 2,800 yen ($60) on Nintendo’s online store.

The Switch’s Japanese eShop has sold more than 3 million games since launch, and that’s the fastest-selling platform for any console in the world.

Nintendo has released a number of Breath of The Wild games in the past year, including The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Breath of Fire.

They have also announced a new game, a new platform, and a new Legend of Link title.

But The Wind is the first Breath of Wind game to be released in Japan, and one of its biggest sellers.

What are some of the challenges that Nintendo faced when making the game?

Takashita Teasachuk: The biggest challenge was getting the team together to develop this game on such a large scale.

The biggest challenges for the team were: The story is huge, and to put the game in a way that the fans can enjoy it.

To make it so it can be enjoyed by people in Japan who aren’t playing Breath of Wild in other regions.

And the Switch is also such a big platform.

You can play it anywhere

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