Adult Games

A new poll conducted by redditors in the Adult Games subreddit suggests a majority of the gaming community believes the genre should be removed from the list of titles banned in Europe.

The poll, which was posted on Thursday, found that 77% of the community believed the Adult Gaming Community (AGC) should be banned from the European gaming scene.

The survey, which asked the question “Should the Adult Gamers be banned?” found that 78% of respondents believed the category should be considered an illegal substance.

The subreddit currently has over 3,000 subscribers, many of whom are active in the community and actively participate in discussions.

The AGC is a gaming community based in the UK, with a membership numbering over 3.2 million.

It was founded in 2009 by former Nintendo employee Sam “FrostedFrost” Walker, who later created the popular Adult Swim cartoon show, Adult Swim.

The AMA was originally set to take place on November 17, 2017, but has been postponed until December 1.

The AMA was meant to be a way for gamers to express their opinions about games and their favorite characters.

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