When to stop talking and get to the point

In a world where our conversations are often about the latest news and gossip, we tend to focus our attention on the “point”.

As a result, we are often distracted from the main topic of our conversation.

A study by Australian researchers found that when people stop talking, their brains start to rewire, changing their focus and focus on a different topic.

Dr Michelle Gorman from the University of Melbourne and colleagues conducted the research in partnership with the National Health and Medical Research Council.

“We found that people who stopped talking at work were able to shift their attention to other things that they were interested in.

It was like having an ‘aha’ moment,” she said.

“We found the same thing in people who got up and walked out the door.”

Dr Gorman said the findings could have important implications for patients who struggle with attention.

“If you have problems focusing on the big picture, you might want to reconsider how you’re communicating with patients,” she explained.

“It’s very important to be able to keep an eye on the ‘big picture’.”

Dr Gorman also said that people with more difficulty with focusing on a particular topic would be particularly vulnerable.

“People with more difficulties with focusing are often in settings where they’re not always able to focus,” she added.

“When we talk about patients, we often focus on the things that are important to us and how they can be helped, but we’re not really focusing on how they’re going to be helped.”

There’s something we can do to change that.

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