How to play perfect game: Astros Game Hackers

Astros fans have been taking to social media in the wake of the Astros’ 4-1 win over the Chicago White Sox.

The Astros won 4-0 on Friday.

Astro fans on social media have been sharing photos of Astros jerseys in the stands and tweeting out their theories about the game.

One fan tweeted this:”This was my first time in Astros gear so I’m still scratching my head as to what the heck happened.

Astros has been one of my favorite teams and I think it’s safe to say this is a perfect game for them.

They’re getting some really good pitching so the lineup should be really tight.

The offense is playing well and they should be able to pull it together for a comeback.

What are you waiting for?”

The tweet was shared by fan Daniel J. from Las Vegas, who added that he was in the Astos dugout when the Astrodome’s gates opened at 6:45 a.m.

Ascro fans have since been sharing pictures of Astro jerseys in Astrodomes stands.

One Astros fan tweeted about a tweet from a fan in Houston, Texas, saying the Astrophys lineup had been set up.

“What the heck was that?” he tweeted.

Another fan tweeted that a photo from Houston was from the Astro’s home opener in August.

Another tweet from Astrodomys official Twitter account, @AstroGiants, showed Astros players wearing the uniform of the Houston Astros.

The Astros have a chance to win the NL West, but the Astros have been in last place in the American League West for the past three weeks.

The Astrodoms are one of three teams with two straight losses and are 2 1/2 games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers for the AL West lead.

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