Rockstar games: ‘We want you to play as you want’

Rockstar Games is taking a stab at introducing more diverse games to its games lineup.

The company has announced that its first game to feature the new game mode “We Want You to Play as You Want,” will be its own.

The announcement of the game mode, which will launch in the coming weeks, comes after Rockstar’s own “We’re the Best” campaign was met with mixed reviews.

The campaign’s focus on the players’ personal story and how they overcame obstacles in order to reach their goal.

Rockstar Games has also unveiled the official Rockstar Store, which is currently in beta testing.

Rockstar is planning to roll out a free trial version of the store in the near future.

Rockstarr Games CEO Brad Chacos revealed that the Rockstar store is “the one place where you can play a bunch of games at once.”

Rockstar also revealed that its game store is designed to allow the company to be as inclusive as possible and encourage more players to purchase their games.

“The game stores are a way to connect and build relationships and to share experiences,” Chacoos said.

“We believe that every game should be as authentic and fun as possible.

Our aim is to make every experience accessible to everyone.”

Rockstar’s Rockstar World store has been open for a year now, and the company has been working to increase the store’s capacity.

The Rockstar stores have grown from 20 million users to more than 400 million users.

The store has also recently launched its digital distribution channels, which are designed to increase its reach, including through Twitch and Facebook.

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