Dodgers game is going on again, and the Dodgers are getting it right

By Tim Murray, Associated Press A lot has changed in the last few years.

A lot of baseball teams have changed names.

A ton of new stadiums have opened.

The Dodgers are the only team to start every season with the exact same lineup.

The teams have a new stadium.

The park is bigger.

The fans are excited.

And the team is playing great.

That’s how the Dodgers should be feeling right now, because they’ve been in this place before.

They’re going to have to keep it up for a while, because the Dodgers have had some of the best seasons in baseball in 2017.

The 2017 season was their first in the National League East, the team’s best season since they were in the league in 2010.

That year, the Dodgers finished with a .844 winning percentage, and they’re just one win away from tying the franchise record for most consecutive division titles.

That record is held by the New York Yankees, who have won more than five titles since the start of the modern era.

This season was the second-best year in franchise history, behind only the 2001 season, when the Dodgers won 10 games.

It also marked the best season for a Dodgers player since then, with the team recording its first All-Star Game appearance since 1992.

The team is also poised for its third straight division title, the longest drought in franchise annals.

They were the worst team in the division in 2016, but they’re not the worst anymore.

There are three distinct eras of the Dodgers: the one in the ’90s, the one that preceded the Dodgers’ resurgence in the late 2000s, and this year’s team.

But for the last decade, the last 15 years, they’ve played in three different parks, each one with different facilities and different stadiums.

The new Dodger Stadium, which opened in 2018, is a bit of a departure.

The stadium, which seats more than 11,000 fans, is located at the corner of Memorial Drive and Second Street.

It’s a modern design with some of baseball’s best features.

It features a retractable roof, seating for more than 14,000, a video board, and retractable seats.

The seats in the stands are made from synthetic leather and the grass is grass-filled.

It has a retractible roof and the retractable grass is in the outfield.

The grass is the right height, so the seats aren’t too high or too low, which can make it a bit challenging to get a great view.

The outfield seats are also high.

You can’t see them very well, but you can see the top of the right field bleachers and the bottom of the left field bleacher.

That grass is right up against the top wall of the dugout, and you can easily see the sun reflecting off it.

The dugout is located behind home plate, where the ball is pitched, and is in line with the right-field wall.

The ball is tossed into the stands on the left side, and a fan who has watched a Dodgers game at home stands on both sides of the stadium.

That fan is called a cheerleader, and she can yell and shout as she watches the ball be thrown.

You’ll hear her yelling and cheering at a distance.

The cheers of a fan can also be heard in the crowd.

A big part of the fans experience is in front of the home plate umpire.

He’s not supposed to see the ball as it is thrown.

But if you look at the video boards on either side of the field, he can see a big portion of the ball being thrown.

So, there’s a lot of energy on that side.

The field seats are a lot higher than you would expect.

They have more room to move around, so you can move around and have fun.

They are very comfortable.

And it is kind of like a stadium in that they are built like a baseball field, which means that the fans can sit anywhere on the field.

You have a lot more space for people to sit, which helps create a more relaxed atmosphere, which makes for more fun.

The home field seats have the same kind of space as a baseball stadium, but are closer together.

The way the seats are designed is that they’re on a different side of home plate.

It allows the fans to see all of the action.

That gives the fans more of a sense of being in the field and of being closer to the action, so that they can get the same feeling as you get at home.

The seating for a lot can be found in the third base dugout.

The fan in the bleachers will see the umpires at the top, and he will see where the next pitch is going.

You also have the right side of second base, which is behind home field.

It is also where a lot fans will get to watch the game.

The third base bleachers are usually packed,

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