How to stream your Playstation 4 games on PS4 Pro

Microsoft has released a new way to stream PlayStation 4 games from your Xbox One.

The new streaming mode, dubbed PlayStations, allows you to stream from your PC or Xbox One to your PS4 or PlayStation VR.

It requires a separate device for each stream.

Microsoft is rolling out the new feature today for Windows 10 users on Xbox One and PS4, as well as PlayStation 4 Pro users, though it’s currently only available for Windows.

PlayStaters require a separate computer for each playback session, so you can only do one at a time.

Microsoft says it is still working on a way to make it work with SteamVR, a virtual reality headset that also requires a PC to operate.

The company’s announcement says that the streaming experience is similar to how SteamVR works, and that it’s not meant to replace it.

In the meantime, the new streaming method will work for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation VR, but will require a PC that runs the Oculus SDK.

You’ll still need a PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One console to use it.

The announcement also says that Xbox One users will be able to access the streaming feature for “Xbox Live Gold” users, which includes Xbox Live Gold members, and vice versa.

The feature will be available for “early adopters,” who will be given the option to access it via the console’s app.

It’s not clear when or if Xbox Live gold members will be allowed to use the streaming functionality.

Microsoft will be giving the feature free for the first three weeks of availability, with the company promising to “continue to improve and expand” the feature after that time.

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