How addicting are games?

How addictive are games and do they actually make people more likely to play?

In an effort to find out, the Australian team behind a series of games that will give you an idea, I decided to play one on my own. 

A game that might not sound particularly addicting, but for those that want to explore the world a bit more, there is a little bit of the former in Aurore, a game that gives you an overview of the city and its residents, and a little of the latter in Atonement, a puzzle game with some elements of exploration.

Both games offer some interesting twists to the typical formula of games.

Aurores is more of a turn-based puzzle game that is played with a stylus, while Atonements is more like a third-person shooter, and Aurorerse offers some great side-scrolling sections that take advantage of a touchscreen.

Both are accessible and fun to play, but what’s interesting is that Aurorense has a more linear narrative and its difficulty ramps up when you are trying to solve puzzles.

Both games also offer a good mix of simple puzzles and more challenging ones.

I’m not sure what the difference is between them, but Aurorene does feel a little less challenging when you’re trying to work out what the meaning of the words in the text on the screen is, which could be the case for some people.

Atonetemporaries are also much more forgiving in the end.

The story is told through a voiceover that has some fun touches and I didn’t find the gameplay quite as engaging.

It could be because the game was written for mobile devices and not the desktop, but the text could also be a bit awkward or confusing.

A ton of the dialogue in the game is actually just a translation of what you read in the manual, which is not terribly surprising given the genre of the game.

Aural Games’ AuroRE was a pretty easy game to pick up, but it does have a little something for the die-hard gamer in me.

It offers some interesting puzzles and a good amount of replay value, but there are some games that are more addicting when you just sit back and play.

The Aurorente team has done a great job in creating a solid game with a great story, but they also have a solid multiplayer option, and this game will also be coming to mobile devices soon.

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