When GTAV is released, it will be an epic experience

The original Rockstar game series, the first-person shooter series that took the world by storm with its open world setting, was developed by a team of 10 people, and is the most popular and best-selling of all time.

The first game to be released on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC was GTAV, released on October 13, 2005.

In the time since, more than two million copies of GTAV have been sold, and its sequel, Grand Theft Auto Online, has sold over five million copies.

While the original Rockster game series is a classic, and Rockstar has done well for itself by making the games more and more expensive over time, a new entry in the series is getting a sequel that will be bigger, more intense, and more fun.

GTAV 2 is being developed by Rockstar Games, a division of Take-Two Interactive, a unit of Microsoft.

In an interview with Gamasutra, Rockstar’s vice president of global business development, Alex Mayberry, talked about the new title and the new engine that will power it.

Rockstar will also be releasing a new GTAV: Stories expansion for PC and Xbox One later this year, and the series will have an entirely new story and world in GTAV II.

I don’t know how much you guys have seen of the story yet, but the thing is, we’re just beginning to tell that story.

The whole story is based on your choices.

So, there’s going to be a big payoff to making choices, but it’s not all about making those choices.

The choices are going to make a big impact in the story.

And the choices in GTA V are going be about building your career, your life, and your relationships with other players, and they’re going to affect the way you interact with the game.

We have a lot of different ways to tell the story in GTA, and we have a big story in that we’re building on a foundation of what makes GTA great.

So we’ll have some big surprises along the way.

One of the biggest things that we’ll be introducing in GTA II is a story mode, a narrative mode, and it will also have a story story.

That’s going the way of GTA1, where you had a linear story mode.

GTA2 is going to go the opposite way, and there’s a big focus on how you interact and how you affect each other.

There’s going be a lot more choice in the game, and in the narrative mode.

So I think that’s a lot about how we are going forward in the GTA franchise, and that’s what’s so special about GTA2.

The story will be set in New York City, so there will be New York, the City of the Rising Sun, the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn, and Queens.

It’s a large city with lots of different neighborhoods.

So there’s gonna be a great mix of different types of people in the city, and some people you meet, and others you don’t meet.

There will be big battles.

There’ll be a huge variety of ways to play GTA.

We are really excited about it.

The biggest part of the game is about your relationships, and you’ll start out as an outlaw.

The game will have a very linear approach.

You have to make the right choices, and a lot will happen in your relationships.

You can pick your character, and then you can customize him.

You pick your outfit, and customize the way your character moves.

So you’ll be the guy who goes out and gets a haircut, and goes out to the bars and drinks.

You’ll be that guy who likes to dress up and play games, and has a girlfriend, and hangs out at the clubs.

So that’s where you are going, and those are the choices that matter, and how that affects your relationship.

So it’s going not only to be about the decisions that you make, but also how you use that relationship.

The stories will also focus on the relationship between you and your characters, and not just the relationships between the two of you.

That is what’s exciting about the story mode in GTA.

It’ll be about you and that character, as you’re doing your story.

You’re going into the game with a big role, and these characters have their own personality, their own agenda, their very own motivations, and all of that stuff.

They’re not just going to look like random people.

You know, you’ll have to build relationships with them.

And you will be able to play with your friends, and maybe they’ll join you.

You will get a few perks in the form of weapons, and stuff like that.

So as you build your relationship with these characters, you can build relationships between them.

You may be the boss of one of these characters and they might be the friend of another.

So those relationships will have meaning and impact on the story, and people

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