How to Watch the 49ers-Patriots Super Bowl: NFL Network GamePass

NFL Network has unveiled the first-ever schedule for the Super Bowl, with eight NFL games scheduled to air during the Superbowl week.

Here’s a look at all of the upcoming games:Wednesday, February 8: Patriots vs. Seahawks, 11:05 p.m.

ET on NFL• Seahawks vs. 49ers, 3:05 a.m., ESPN1The NFL Network schedule will air on Wednesday, February 11, at 1:05a.m ET.

The game will be available in full on the NFL Network app and on CBS Sports Network.• Saints vs. Panthers, 3 p.t., ESPN2• Panthers vs. Saints, 3 pp.t.• Panthers at Saints, 6:30 p.p.m, CBSSports1The game is available in the NFL app and CBS Sports TV app.• Panthers @ Saints, 10:35 p.a., CBSSports2• Saints @ Panthers, 10 p.l., CBS Sports2• Eagles vs. Titans, 3 a.r., CBS2• Bills @ Saints.

3:35 a.p., CBSESPN.comFriday, February 12: Patriots @ Falcons, 2:25 p.r.

CBS• Patriots vs Falcons, 4 p.rt.

CBSsports.comThe game schedule includes:• Patriots @ Jets, 3 pm ET on CBSSports, ESPN2 and CBSSports Network• Falcons @ Patriots, 7:30 pm ET.CBSSportsNetwork• Patriots at Falcons, 9:35 pm ET, CBSESPNSports.TV• Falcons at Patriots, 9 p.y.m.; ESPN3• Falcons vs. Patriots, 11 p.c., ESPN3The NFL GamePass will be the NFL’s leading app, providing fans with the full schedule of the Superstars’ upcoming games, all in one place.

The NFL’s new streaming service will be live-streaming the Superdome, which is home to the SuperBowl, for the first time ever, and NFL Game Pass will offer viewers access to live games from across the league.

The Super Bowl is broadcast on CBS from Feb. 10-16.

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