What you need to know about Google Doodle Games today

What are Google Doodle games?Google Doodle is a popular game played by children, and has been used by kids in schools for more than a century.What are they called?Google does not officially make or distribute Google Doodle.But it’s an acronym for “Donkey Doodle,” a children’s wordplay game invented by Disney in the 1930s.Why is Google […]

Why marijuana is a game changer

It’s not as if marijuana has been in any kind of rush to take over gaming.But the marijuana industry has had to fight hard to gain access to gaming.Last year, the industry was still relatively small and the gaming industry was far more established.This year, though, the gaming scene is much more open, thanks in […]

Games: The Top 100 Games of All Time

A new report has ranked the Top 100 of all time games.The report was compiled by Games Industry Magazine and the BBC, with a focus on the top 100 games of all-time.The top 100 includes games from a wide range of platforms, from PC, Xbox, Playstation, and mobile devices.The list includes titles like The Legend […]

Which Nintendo games will I play on Wii U?

The next generation of Nintendo’s handheld consoles is upon us.And now the company is making its next console the Wii U, launching in March of next year.The Wii U is Nintendo’s first portable device to offer a controller that can be used to play the Wii games it supports, with a full complement of controller […]

The Epic Games Launcher

In addition to the standard gamemode and two additional game modes, the new launcher offers many more options for customization.You can even make your own gamemodes, which are based on your favorite games, and even set the overall theme of your launcher.All of these features can be easily configured through a simple set of settings.And […]

How to Survive in Cars Without Driving

A car game that’s been making the rounds since 2013, CARS: Limited Run Games’ Car Wars is a game about playing with cars that don’t have wheels.Players can choose a vehicle to play with and drive it to the races.The game takes place in a racing game world, where players race against other players on […]

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