Which Switch game is your favourite?

In a few weeks, we’ll be heading back to Switch, where the Switch console has been a huge success.This week, we’re taking a look at some of the best Switch games.With this, we want to hear from you, so what games do you enjoy playing with the Switch?Do you have your own favourite Switch games?Let […]

NHL games today: Who’s playing?

In a year that saw the emergence of a new generation of professional athletes and the end of the lockout, today is an important day for the NHL.“Today is the first time since we started playing in the NHL that there’s been no game,” says Scott Cawthon, president of the Professional Hockey Writers Association.“It was […]

How to play the game ‘Football Games Today’

The latest sports game on the app store is “Football Games today”, but it looks a lot like the previous game that’s been available in the App Store for a couple of years.The game’s name is now Football games today but it was previously called Football games on iPhone.In addition to that, there’s a lot […]

How addicting are games?

How addictive are games and do they actually make people more likely to play?In an effort to find out, the Australian team behind a series of games that will give you an idea, I decided to play one on my own. A game that might not sound particularly addicting, but for those that want to explore […]

How to play: The ultimate gaming marathon

With Sony’s PS4, the PS4 Pro, and the Xbox One S, the best PS4 games have to be the best.There are so many games for PS4 and Xbox One and PS4 can play almost anything.So what are the best PlayStation 4 games?Let’s have a look.Here’s our list of the best games on PS4 right now.How […]

Why marijuana is a game changer

It’s not as if marijuana has been in any kind of rush to take over gaming.But the marijuana industry has had to fight hard to gain access to gaming.Last year, the industry was still relatively small and the gaming industry was far more established.This year, though, the gaming scene is much more open, thanks in […]

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