Rockets have been banned from the NBA playoffs

ROCKETS ————– ————- ————————- ————————— ————————– ————– 1.Memphis Grizzlies ———— 2.San Antonio Spurs ———— 2.Oklahoma City Thunder ———— 3.Oklahoma ————– 4.Indiana Pacers ————– 5.Brooklyn Nets ————– 6.Brooklyn ————– 7.Orlando Magic ————– 8.New York Knicks ————– 9.Los Angeles Clippers ————– 10.Denver Nuggets ————– 11.New Orleans Pelicans ————– 12.Milwaukee Bucks ————– 13.Atlanta Hawks ————– 14.New Jersey Nets […]

Reddit: How to create a lightning game

In the late 19th century, Indian mathematician and physicist B.R. Ambedkar proposed a method for creating lightning games, using light particles to drive the motion of a pendulum.A more accurate way of creating lightning is by using a “reactive” element such as a magnet.If you use a magnet to pull a pendula, the pendulum pulls […]

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