Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer sparks controversy

The first trailer for Star Wars The Last Knight has sparked controversy, with some fans questioning whether it represents the original trilogy in its entirety.The trailer features a sequence of shots of a stormtrooper who is seemingly carrying a lightsaber, before it transitions to an extended shot of an open sky.The image was originally shown […]

How much does a new Hunger Games game cost?

A new Hunger Game simulator, which simulates the film franchise, is set to be released this year.The game is the brainchild of a team of researchers who want to get to grips with the complex issues of hunger, climate change and food insecurity, and they are hoping that by sharing their work with the world, […]

Grumps: ‘I’m not really a game guy’

The grumps are back in full force as they attempt to put a stop to another round of grumpiness.The game series is still on hiatus but the new season of Game Grumps has just premiered.The show has a focus on game shows and the Grumps are hoping to take on Star Wars and Minecraft.But with […]

Why did the NHL stop playing hockey games?

I love sports.And I also love playing video games.I’m a big fan of hockey, basketball, baseball and football.But when it comes to the NHL, I am not a fan at all.In the last decade, the NHL has been forced to stop playing some of its biggest games and games on television.And now, thanks to the […]

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